*SIGH* The holiday season is upon us, we’re literally a couple of days away from Thanksgiving & less than 4 weeks away from Christmas. In my family this means seeing family we haven’t seen in months or even maybe years, it means good memories, laughter, awesome candid family photos and a little bit of chaos.

I’ve got some helpful and maybe very honest tips on how to be a good house host & an even better house guest this holiday season.

I LOVE having people over at my house, especially during the holidays or when I know that a family member may be going through a rough patch; whether you’re visiting for a few hours or for months at a time, I will welcome you into my home and try my hardest to make you feel comfortable. BUT, yes, there’s a but. Take it from me, my family and I️ had to temporarily (7 months) move in with my parents a couple of years ago while house shopping, there IS such a thing as being a good host AND being a good guest. I learned a lot from those 7 months that we had to live with my parents AND two other family members whom they were also helping out at the time. I apply all these learned lessons every time I visit someone’s home in hopes to be their all time favorite guest, and you should too šŸ˜‰

First things first, lets talk about being a GREAT HOST, here are some tips to achieving this:

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