I finally finished my master bathroom ya’ll! I’m excited because I started this bathroom makeover back in May 2016 yikes…and my indecisiveness on wall color plus life kept getting in the way of me finishing up what should have been a week long project. Well, 9 months later it’s done and I’m hella proud!

I wanted the room to feel romantic & glam without being too feminine, this is important, as I live in a house full of boys and I like to consider their taste and opinions when it comes to our home decor; I like to involve them in the process so that they can see their visions or ideas come to life and inspire them to continue to be creative tiny humans, so I decided on a theme…beach-y / coastal.

Here are the before pictures

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Okay so our kitchen was pretty ugly when we moved in here, it was old, dated and pretty gross inside the cabinet drawers. Back in February I told you about an unexpected leak  that thankfully was able to get fixed without tearing into the cabinets or walls, just the ceiling took a BIG hit. We thought we were out of the woods until about 4 weeks ago when we had our kitchen tile replaced, upon moving our stove, the contractor found our main water pipe leaking into our wall, which had most of the cabinets on it and the stove. Needless  to say, all of the bottom base cabines had swelled up and bubbled up due to the water damage, I finally figured out the weird musty smell they had; We had to remove a few to fix the leak and redo the Sheetrock, a little inconvenient as we were originally planning to redo the kitchen in a few years, I mean we knew it was old and dingy however, it was still functional, so we were merely going to paint the cabinets and think up an inexpensive DIY way to cover up the ugly broken and burned yellow(ish) Formica countertops! We were pretty nervous because we were now staring at a complete kitchen remodel without our original funds for the kitchen of our dreams and without any clue as to what we wanted…

You guys I had to get super creative with our budget and carefully choose what we were going to splurge on and what we were going to save on, we’re quite not done yet as we still have to get a kitchen island in there and some décor pieces but at least it’s done and I’m able to cook for my guys again! Cooking vacation over for this mom.

We hired the help of an experienced family friend to hang the cabinets and install the backsplash. Then we hired a crew to even out the texture of our walls and ceiling, install new light fixtures and paint the entire kitchen. I stained the cabinets to save a few hundred dollars and because I wanted to make sure I got the color I envisioned, I LOVE my kitchen now, even though it’s not quite what I had originally planned…for the time frame and budget we had to magically make happen I think it turned out AWESOME. I do plan on adding the quartz countertops in a couple of years and soon a kitchen island and maybe add a breakfast table and more decorations of course.

Here are some before, during and after photos of our kitchen thus far. Let me know what you guys think…

The before picture doesn’t really show how awful it was, it actually looked okay in pictures…but trust me when I tell you, it was hideous and gross.










Okay let me start off by saying that decorating for boys sucks! I mean the options are so limited compared to little girl stuff, this is a fact and it goes for everything…clothes, shoes, accessories…you get the idea. Sure, you can shop online but what about those spur of the moment scenarios where you realize you need to hang a picture and make a Target run? Do you find what you’re looking for? Probably not.  Anyway, our home has 2 full baths, one of which is in our master bedroom; The second bathroom is located off the upstairs hallway, this is the bathroom our boys and guests share, so it needed to be designed with both in mind and still have a little bit of me in it 😉  View Post


As you’ve probably read many many times before, Aloe Vera has amazing healing properties and many other awesome benefits which I won’t go into detail because well…Google.

Anyway, one of the ways in which I use this miracle plant is to fix my brittle hair form breaking and falling, for me, this fabulous little remedy makes my hair grow faster and healthier. Please do your own research before trying any home remedy. I’m not a professional and these are simply my opinions and experiences, you should know your own body and it’s tolerance to various allergic reactions.

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Shortly after moving into our very dated 80’s bi-level house we started making a to-do list of all the renovations and makeovers the house needed in order to become our HOME. That said, we had to give this list of things a priority level, and the way we decided that was by listing the projects from cheapest and easiest to most expensive and most extensive. This way, we could knock all the little things out of the way and slowly and with fuller pockets get to the major renovations eventually. I decided to make the guest bathroom ( our boy’s shared bathroom) cabinet my first DIY project mainly because I had the exact paint colors  and supplies needed to achieve the look I envisioned, with the exception of the pulls which I purchased at HomeGoods for $10.


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