*SIGH* The holiday season is upon us, we’re literally a couple of days away from Thanksgiving & less than 4 weeks away from Christmas. In my family this means seeing family we haven’t seen in months or even maybe years, it means good memories, laughter, awesome candid family photos and a little bit of chaos.

I’ve got some helpful and maybe very honest tips on how to be a good house host & an even better house guest this holiday season.

I LOVE having people over at my house, especially during the holidays or when I know that a family member may be going through a rough patch; whether you’re visiting for a few hours or for months at a time, I will welcome you into my home and try my hardest to make you feel comfortable. BUT, yes, there’s a but. Take it from me, my family and I️ had to temporarily (7 months) move in with my parents a couple of years ago while house shopping, there IS such a thing as being a good host AND being a good guest. I learned a lot from those 7 months that we had to live with my parents AND two other family members whom they were also helping out at the time. I apply all these learned lessons every time I visit someone’s home in hopes to be their all time favorite guest, and you should too šŸ˜‰

First things first, lets talk about being a GREAT HOST, here are some tips to achieving this:

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I have a super spicy bacon & black beans sofritas recipe for you guys today, delicious but very very spicy. Although this recipe has bacon, it can easily be altered to a vegetarian version by simply removing the bacon; I added only 2 slices of bacon to minimize the meat intake since I’m trying to consume less animal products with the goal of vegetarianism.

*Quick side note* I tried to quit animal products cold turkey (no pun intended) in 2014, we were set to leave for summer vacation to Florida in 2 weeks and I decided to just do it. I failed….I made it 19 days…and I failed. I intend to use the remainder of this year to wean myself off of all red meats. That is my end of year goal. Now, lets continue.

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I’m bringing ABC fridge magnets back baby!Ā  This fun DIY/hack is easy, inexpensive and so fun to use for the entire family. Leave your loved ones cute little messages with these modern & chic gold ABC fridge magnets. I especially like to use them with my 4 year old to practice his ABC’s, sight words and numbers. I LOVE how chic and modern the gold looks against my grey/stainless steel appliances, gold just makes everything very lux don’t you think?

I LOVE using Krylon’s spray paint, especially in gold, it’s very lasting and fast drying and very versatile to use with many different materials.Ā  I like to finish all my projects off with a clear protective coat of Krylon’s Crystal Clear Acrylic, which makes my projects last for a long long time. View Post


Saturday we celebrated our littlest dude’s 4th birthday party and it was AMAZING!

So Jaxon is obsessed with Mr. Spiderman right now, he likes them all but Spidey is his all time favorite. He begged for a Spiderman superhero birthday party and that is exactly what he got. Now, I know I could have done MORE Spiderman, but this is my third Spiderman birthday party y’all. My other 2 boys also went through a superhero obsessed age and so I try to switch it up a little every time so that I don’t feel like I’m throwing the same party over and over again. This theme as you will see is more of a generic superhero theme but I made sure to include Spiderman in posters, invitations, cake and goodie bags.

Since we hosted his party at his favorite indoor jumping playground, our time in the actual party room was limited to only 45 minutes, so I didn’t want to go crazy with decorations that would both take too long to set up and break down. I kept it simple and still I had a lot of other moms peep through the window to take a looksie. Some even wanted to use our picture backdrop for pix. Always a good sign when others appreciate your creativeness.

I simply allotted a corner for cake and selfie photo backdrop with props, I used sticky tack on printed “Daily Bugle front pages” all over the walls along with superhero action word cutouts, the centerpieces were mod podged paper mache letters with comic book strands.

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Another day, another DIY. Today I have a super easy and inexpensive fall wreath DIY tutorial using mainly dollar store items. Don’t let the seasons catch you by surprise and get started crafting your fall home decor early while the stores are stocked!

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE fall season. I love the cinnamon-pumpkin-apple scented EVERYTHING. Most of my favorite holidays take place during the fall season and I’m just ready, quite frankly, to take a break from this Houston heat. My neighborhood stores are starting to fill their isles with orange leafy garlands, hay stacks, pumpkin and everything related to Halloween and Thanksgiving and this makes me OH SO HAPPY. View Post